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Lately, it seems we have less time to focus on our physical and mental well-being. So, it’s no surprise one of the critical factors that have bolstered the popularity of yoga online is convenience. No longer should seekers of an escape through yoga exercise be boxed into inconvenient class time slots at exorbitant gym prices.

About Glo Yoga

Glo is a health and fitness app that allows you to practice yoga poses conveniently at home or on the go with world-class instructors. The Glo app has yoga online available for all levels, from novice to expert, and offers different style classes to fit every need. With a plethora of choices of yoga, meditation, and pilates, you won’t need any other yoga app.

Personalize Your Glo

“For You” is your corner of Glo. Here you have easy access to recommendations designed especially for your needs. Your page becomes more tailored for you, the more classes you take. Glo also has a section called “Your Library” where you can organize and keep your class preferences, saving time. You can arrange a collection of yoga online by theme like “Awake With Energy” or “Lower Back Help” or find already curated themes by Glo.

What Glo Offers

With over 4,000 classes available from highly-educated instructors, there’s more variety available for our users than other apps. From sleep problems to prenatal care, Glo has just the right type of yoga class to accompany your busy lifestyle.

Here are the 12 different yoga practice types Glo Offers:

1. Ashtanga- A system of postures combined with deep, controlled breathing. Assists in cleansing, stretching, and strengthening the body and improve focus by calming the mind.

2. Hatha- For novice to expert practitioner, a slower-moving fundamental yoga based on the integration of breath with long-held poses.

3. Iyenger- A progressive yoga practice that focuses on alignment, precision, strength, and form often with the use of accompanying props. This practice helps maintain a balance between flexibility, relaxation, and durability.

4. Kundalini- Uses breath, sound, meditation, and movement together to achieve ultimate relaxation and restoration of mind and body. It helps in improving strength, flexibility, and endurance.

5. Partner Yoga- Often called assisted yoga, this practice utilizes the precisely controlled poses of two people. These poses work together to give support to one another and create posture.

6. Prenatal- A yoga practice that assists in childbirth preparation through mental focus, breathing, and stretching. Designed for moms-to-be from conception through birth.

7. Postnatal- This practice helps moms recover from childbirth through movement, balance, and relaxation. Because postnatal yoga incorporates holding baby, it fosters closeness between mother and child.

8. Restorative- Involves a sequence of only five or six poses, with the use of props. This yoga practice assists with complete deep relaxation by holding poses for a longer duration of time.

9. Toa Yin- Also known as Taoist Neigong, is a series of body and mind unity exercises. Divided into Yin position such as lying or sitting and Yang positions such as standing or moving.

10. Vinyasa Flow- Also called Flow Yoga, this practice of yoga is a series of movements strung together to create one continuous fluid flow. Vinyasa focuses more on transitions than stationary poses.

11. Yin- Yin is more of a slow-paced yoga for joint health, injury prevention, and restoration. It incorporates facets of Chinese medicine, ultimately focusing on stretching and lengthening the areas of lower back, hips, and pelvis.

12. Yoga Conditioning- Combines dynamic strength training with the principle of yoga, usually in conjunction with the use of props to enhance mobility. Conditioning practices improve cardiovascular functions, agility, and restoration.

For more information on class information, instructors, introductory offers, and subscription prices go to the Glo Yoga website. You’ll be happy you decided to check out yoga online with Glo.

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